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The Company "KRISHNA INTERNATIONAL" was established in the year 1989 by Mr. Dinesh L. Thakkar and has started export in the year 1994. We have team of professionally trained & skilled staff members.

We can provide you Mixed Container load (in smallest quantities as per clients need) of various Chemicals, Flavours & Fragrances, Pigments, Industrial Raw Materials and various other Products needed by valuable clients. Hence we are specialized in providing various many Products in very smallest quantities mixed in one container or even LCL Cargo delivered to your destinations.

Krishna International represents whatever is best and real at all times. K.I. is therefore both a concept and a deliverable. A "concept" because we believe it is the way forward, and a "deliverable" because that is what you get when you do business with us. This explains why our credo is "home of affordable quality solutions".

Being one of the proficient manufacturers and exporters, we have been offering the best quality range of all Products with credible services and are acknowledged by our clients all across the globe.

We are processing, promoting and marketing our products mainly through exports to African & Middle East Countries. Above everything our main policy is to have a satisfied customer in terms of Quality and service at all time. Our Products are offered at competitive prices, which are highly demanded by our clients owing to their excellent performance and high quality.

Our vast industrial experience has helped us to establish an enviable position in the market, winning the trust and goodwill of our myriad clients spread across the Globe!

In Chemicals we provide all the Raw Materials for Agro Industry, Biocides, Bakery & Food Industries, Cleaning Chemical Industries, Ice Cream Industries, Paint & Coating Industries, Soap & Detergent Industries, Paper Industries, Pharmaceutical Industry, Printing Ink Industries, Plastic Industries, Mining Industries, Textile Industries, etc.

In Fine Chemicals we provide most of the Chemicals in AR/LR/BP/USP/ASP/EP Grades!

We are providing various many kinds of Chemicals like Textile Dyeing and Processing Product, Textile Finishing Chemicals & along with that we also produce Reactive Dyes, Acid Dyes (For Leather Industries), Leather Chemicals, Full range Printing Thickeners, Emulsifiers etc.

We are also exporting Pigments to Paint, Ink, Soap & Detergents, Rubber Textile, and Plastic Industries, all our Pigments are of very high Tinting on value which you will know after testing our samples. We are giving our Pigments to few Multinational Companies in India who are Re-packing, Re-branding and exporting it Worldwide. We are assuring that if you Import from us then Your Respected Organization shall do lot of saving with no compromise in QUALITY.

We have very special products for Textile Industries, Paint and Coating Industries, Soap & Detergent etc. Just to name one for Textile Industries we have Color Blooming Agent. This shall enhance the brilliancy of the dyestuffs and give darker shades as per the technical person needs and at the same time it shall also reduce the consumption of dyestuffs.
Achievements in African Countries
We have exported Carbonated Soft Drink Plant to Tangy Drinks Ltd. for Hafiz Ibrahim Yousuf which is running very successfully in Lusaka, Zambia. We had also arranged good Engineers who are running the Plant very successfully for last 6 years. More than 4 years ago we had expanded their Plant by 100% and it is making good profits with the blessings of God. We have also shown this on our website in "Movie Format" under the Section of Projects.
After 2 years, we have given the same Soft Drink Plant in Maputo, Mozambique which is running under the brand "Fizz" and the owners are "Mopani International Ltd".

We produce highly Concentrate Flavors. From these Highly Concentrated flavors after only using 140 ml you can get 100ltrs of Finished Products like Coke, Lemonade, Orange, Mix Fruit, Raspberry, Strawberry, Pineapple, Rose etc. Here we shall make you taste Coke of 5 different tastes likewise all the other flavors can be tasted and you can choose which taste could be approved and liked by the people of your country. These flavors shall be provided at VERY GOOD PRICE so the consumables brought at low price shall bring GOOD PROFIT TO YOUR RESPECTED ORGANIZATION for many years to come.

We are offering Flavors for many Food Industries like Ice Cream, Biscuits, Bakery, Cakes, Chocolate, Candies etc along with various many Food Ingredients.

Likewise we have got complete solutions and readymade Projects of various many kinds which are shown under the Section of Projects.

You are welcome to visit us in India where we can show you our Groupís Machines running very successfully in various Coca Cola & Pepsi Plants in India. Likewise we can take you to various many Industries to see our Relevant Machines.
In order to keep our machines working smoothly, we offer timely after-sales services. For our after-sales services, we have a team of servicing engineers and experts. Our effective and prompt after-sales-service keeps our machines working effectively for longer duration.
We also strongly believe in cultivating credible and long term business relations with our clients by winning their confidence with our constant endeavors. Further, our cost effective equipment and machines and their timely delivery have helped us achieve higher degrees of customer satisfaction nationwide.

We enjoy strong relationships with our clients, who come from different sectors.
Technical strength and innovation is the solid foundation on which Krishna International has built its success story. A close-knit management very effectively manages the group, comprising the members of the core founding family and two Associate Directors. Both of them are qualified and experienced with versatile international exposure.

The Management Team acts as a constant source of inspiration for a cohesive family of professional and technical staff in dedicating themselves fully to achieving the highest levels of quality improvement and customer.
Above Everything we give very EXCELLENT SERVICE to all our Clients

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