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We offer a wide range of Concentrates & Flavors that is used for preparing wide range of cola, lemon, orange and fruit beer concentrate. These are known for their purity, taste and aroma. Our range is prepared using quality ingredients with accurate compositions.

Formulated by us is a wide range of blended food flavors as per the international quality norms. These food flavors are offered in powder and liquid forms and find wide application across industries such as food, pharmaceutical and confectionary.

Offer flavours for confectionery, sweets, chocolates, drinks, juices, biscuits, dairy products, bread and almost all types of food products.

We supply flavors for all types of savouries, dust on flavors for chips and extruded snacks.

Our teams of flavourists have an in-depth knowledge of people's preferences in all geographical locations and develop tailor made flavors for instant acceptability.

We also have a captive aroma and flavor chemical unit that ensure that atleast 30% of our flavouring inputs are manufactured by us in-house. This results in substantial cost saving that enable us to be very competitive and offering good cost savings for the customer.
Different Application of Flavours
Soft Drink Flavors SD
Fruit Juice Flavors FJ
Flavors for Confectionery & Chocolate FCC
Culinary Flavors CF
Liquor Flavors Liq
Ice Cream Flavors IC
Flavors for Dairy DF
Biscuits & Bakery BBDF
Pharma PM
  Flavours Usage
1 Almond No.01 BB, IC, PM
2 American Ice cream Soda SD,FJ, BB, IC
3 Apple 0279 SD,FJ, IC, PM
4 Banana RJX BB, IC, SD,FJ
5 Basumati Flav Rice
6 Biryani Flav Rice
7 Black Current 0461 Liq, SD,FJ
8 Brandy 0471 Liq
9 Brandy Spl Liq, BB
10 Buttabella BB
11 Butter Fl.No.01 BB, IC
12 Butter Scotch 9226 BB, IC
13 Capsicum No.1 Liq, SD,FJ, CC
14 Cardamom-119 BB, Liq, IC, SD,FJ
15 Cashew Spl BB, Liq, IC
16 Choclate-1942 BB, IC, PM
17 Chocolate 0276 CC, BB, IC
18 Chocolate Emulsion BB, SD,FJ, CC
19 Chocolate Superb BB, IC
20 Cinnamon Fl-0265 SD,FJ, PM
21 Citron Flavours SD,FJ,PM
22 Clear Lime supreme SD,FJ, Liq
23 Clear Lime T2 SD,FJ, Liq, PM
24 Clove Fl.0269 SD,FJ,PM
25 Coconut Superb BB, Liq
26 Coconut-04 BB, IC, CC
27 Cola Assar Plus SD,FJ
28 Cola Assar Toofani Fl SD,FJ
29 Cola Excelent FL SD,FJ
30 Cola Fl-0034 SD,FJ
31 Cola Fl-0039 SD,FJ
32 Cola JL SD,FJ
33 Cola JNT SD,FJ
34 Cola MLN FL Plus SD,FJ
35 Cola More FL 45 SD,FJ
36 Cola Premium Fl Plus SD,FJ
37 Cola Suprime SD,FJ
38 Cola Toofan FL Plus SD,FJ
39 Cola Toofan FL Plus SD,FJ, IC, PM, CC, BB
40 Gin Cordeal Liq
41 Gin Popular Liq
42 Ginger ABL Fast SD,FJ, PM, BB
43 Honey 0306 PM, IC, BB
44 Honey Flav BB, PM
45 Kailash SD,FJ, IC, Liq
46 Kewada IC, SD,FJ
47 Lemon Booster SD,FJ, Liq
48 Lemon No.01 SD,FJ, IC, Liq
49 Lime Juice Soda-0422 SD,FJ, PM
50 Lime-Lemon 0276 SD,FJ, IC, Liq, PM
51 Lime-Lemon 1000 SD,FJ, IC, Liq, PM
52 Mango - 012 SD,FJ, IC, Liq, PM
53 Mango Baby Leaf SD,FJ, Tooth Paste,
54 Mango Kacha SD,FJ, CC
55 Mango Leaf Flav SD,FJ, Tooth Paste
56 Mango Sona SD,FJ
57 Mango-06 SD,FJ, IC, BB, CC
58 Masala Mix Fl. SD,FJ, IC
59 Mawa Milk BB, IC, CC
60 Milk Spl BB, IC, CC
61 Milk-04 BB
62 Mix Fruit No. 326 BB, CC, IC, SD,FJ
63 Mix Fruit No. 8301 PM, SD,FJ
64 Mix Fruite Combo PM, SD,FJ, IC, BB
65 Mohanto BNT SD,FJ, PM, Liq
66 Nutmeg Fl-0264 Liq, SD,FJ, BB
67 Oil Orange S.Excl BB, SD,FJ
68 Oil Orange Sweet Ex Spl Liq, SD,FJ, BB
69 Orange Booster IC, SD,FJ
70 Orange Santra Special Liq, SD,FJ
71 Peach-01 SD,FJ, IC
72 Pineapple 01 BB, SD,FJ, CC
73 Pineapple 04 BB, CC
74 Pineapple Singapure SD,FJ, Liq
75 Pista - Pj BB, IC, PM
76 Pistachiu Olempic IC
77 Raspberry - No.01 SD,FJ, IC, BB, PM
78 Raspberry No.838 PM, SD,FJ, IC
79 Rose 3883 SD,FJ, PM
80 Rum carribian CC, Liq
81 Rum Jamaica Liq
82 Rum Kingtone Liq, BB
83 Rum-0218 Liq
84 Strawberry No.01 SD,FJ, IC, PM
85 Sweet Orange No.01 Liq, SD,FJ, BB, CC
86 Vanilla 01 BB, SD,FJ, Liq, PM
87 Vanilla Powder-04 BB
88 Vanilla-04 BB, PM
89 Whisky Fine Liq
90 Whisky Flavour 0952 Liq, SD,FJ
91 Whisky RIL - 331 Liq
92 Whisky Strong Liq

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