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DAYLIGHT FLUORESCENT PIGMENTS are used for their brilliant, eye catching shades. Chemically these are solid solutions of one or more dyes in a transparent high-molecular weight synthetic resin and are offered as very brightly colored free flowing powders.
Conventional Pigments produce color by selectively reflecting part of the incident light, absorbing the remainder, which is covered to heat. Fluorescent pigments, however, convert part of this absorbed energy into light of their own color, thus re-emitting more light than actually falls on them causing a glow called Fluorescence.
LIGHT FASTNESS of fluorescent pigments on indoor exposure is usually unlimited, while on outdoor exposure these tend to fade gradually.

HEAT RESISTANCE varies from one series to another as also from one application to another. K.I. PL Series offer heat resistance up to about 260 ° C and are specially designed for plastics.

SOLVENT RESISTANCE must be checked for specific solvent / combinations for the recommended grade of pigments. Care must be taken that the temperature while dispersing the pigment in the medium remains below 50 ° C.

DISPERSABILITY of these pigments is exceptionally good and stirring or soft grinding in the suitable binder / media is enough.

TRANSPARENCY of these pigments being exceptional, it is recommended to use these on white ground. Blending with other shades / opacifiers should be avoided.

K.I. DAYLIGHT FLUORESCENTS: Following new grades / products have been developed in respect of our regular range of Fluorescent Pigments.

6000 Series
Chemically these are solid solutions of Fluorescent dyes in amino-formaldehyde sulphonamide resin. 6000 series are brilliant quality, high strength pigments, high softening points & solvent resistance. Thus these are used in solvent based, oil and water based applications as well as in plastics, offering very good dispersion, heat resistance, strength etc.

PL Series
Thermoplastic, formaldehyde free, high strength colors, with improved heat resistance, which melt blend in plastics. Thus these are Fluorescent Pigments specially made for Plastics application (except P.V.C. Calendering).

6000 Series of K.I. Day Light Fluorescent Pigments are offered in following shades & references.
Formulations of K.I. Fluorescent Pigments - 6000 series in some finished products.
Water Based Pigment Emulsions


32 Parts

Anionic Surface Active Agent (c.g. Tammol NNO or Oraiaon L )

5 Parts

Nonionic Surface Active Agent (Noigen Emulsifier 100%)

3 Parts

Glycerine or Glycol

10 Parts

K.I. Fluorescent Pigment

50 Parts

Total :

100 Parts

Disperse item (b) to (d) in water by high speed stirrer and add Fluorescent Pigment Powder slowly in small quantity continuously to get homogeneous paste.
General Purpose Synthetic Enamel Paint

K.I. Fluorescent Pigment

35 Parts

Alkyd co polymer

40 Parts

Cobalt Drier

0.20 Parts

Calcium Drier

2 Parts

Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime

0.10 Parts

Aromatic Hydrocarbon

7.50 Parts

White Spirit

15.20 Parts

Total :

100 Parts

Spraying Air Drying Cum Stoving Enamel

K.I. Fluorescent Pigment

28 Parts

Alkyd Resin

35 Parts

Melamine Resin

14 Parts

Urea Resin

14 Parts

Aromatic Hydrocarbon

9 Parts

Total :

100 Parts

Aerosol Paint

K.I. Fluorescent Pigment

20 Parts

Acrylic Resin

18 Parts


62 Parts

Total :

100 Parts

Dissolve acrylic resin in toluene and then stir in the pigment Load cans with equal parts of paint and propellant (Freon 12). Fluorescent Pigments are very sensitive to heavy impact grinding methods like Sand milling Attritoring, Ball milling etc. These methods tend deteriorate the fluorescence, hence they must be avoided.

Fluorescent pigment powder possess very fine particle size, hence high speed stirring will give satisfactory homogeneous dispersion in medium Care should be taken to ascertain that the temperature does not arise more than 50 C during stirring.
• Textiles
• Water based paper coating
• Water / Oil based paints, Printing Inks
• Low melting plastics
• Colouring of Erasers, Crayons etc.
These color being transparent , should be applied on white ground.
Light Fastness
These colors are required for indoor application or for very ltd outdoor exposure or long term exposure to direct sunlight causes fading / degradation.

Note: The data furnished herein are considered reliable but without guarantee. As conditions and methods of use of our products are beyond our control, the suitability must be considered before using these on commercial scale


Textile Printing
Due to micro fine particle size of K.I. Daylight Fluorescent Pigments, they are very easily dispersible in textile binder with the help of high speed stirrer. They can be used in kerosene binder printing paste as well as discharge style printing paste. Suitable emulsifiers and catalysts will improve the stability of printing pastes. It is advisable to use freshly prepared printing pastes as the shelf life of the paste is limited. K.I. Daylight Fluorescent Pigments are stable during the process of polymerization and finishing and offer excellent brilliant fluorescent prints. For excellent results alkaline conditions must be avoided during process of printing and finishing and pH of printing binder paste should be 5 to 6. For manual screen printing 8 to 10% prints and for machine printing 13 15% print will give suitable results. Due to striking fluorescence and Eye Catching Magic, K.I. Daylight Fluorescent Pigments ate ideal for use in advertising field as decorative colors and in visual identification devices.

Recipe for kerosene binder paste for printing
K.I. Daylight Fluorescent Pigments

Recipe for 10% print

Textile Binder (SLN) 10 Kgs.
Water 10 Kgs.
Urea 05 Kgs.
Kerosene 75 Kgs.
Kerosene Binder Stock Paste 100 Kgs

Kerosene Binder stock paste 86 Kgs. Fluoresecent Pigment 10 Kgs.
Catalyst (Di Ammonium Phosphate)02 Kgs.
CCL Fixer. 02 Kgs.
100 Kgs.

Recipe for dyeing of K.I. Daylight Fluorescent Pigments
SLN Binder 06.000 Kgs.
Pidilite T. K. F. (Substitute for kerosene) 02.750 Kgs.
CCL Fixer 00.200 Kgs.
Water 91.050 Kgs.
Stock paste for dyeing Fluorescent Pigments 100.000 Kgs
Recipe for Dyeing
Stock Paste for Dyeing Fluorescent Pigments. 25.000 Kgs.
2 kgs Fluorescent Pigments + 2 kgs SLN Binder. 04.000 Kgs.
Water 71.000 Kgs.
2% Fluorescent Dyeing Paste 100.000 Kgs.
Solvent Resistance (Bleeding In Solvents)
Solvent Rating Solvent Rating

White Spirit
I.P.A. (Iso-Propyl-Alcohol)
Ethyl Acetate


D.O.P. (Di-Octyl-Phthalate)
Linseed Oil
Methyl Cellosolve
M.I.B.K (Methyl Iso Butyl Ketone)
AMYL Acetate
Dibutyl Phthalate

2 or 3

Partly or Sight

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