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Fount Solutions
As one of the world's leading ink manufacturer and a supplier to the graphic arts industry, we offer press room and prepress chemicals throughout the world. We offer a comprehensive range of products which are machine friendly, environmentally friendly and give a balanced performance leading to complete solutions for quality printing.
K.I. Fount Solutions K.I. fount solution additives stand out thanks to their high degree of compatibility with different printing inks and configurations, and they are renowned for the fact that a stable ink/water balance can be formulated very quickly with them.

Krishnabifix - XL - K.I.approved dampening additive for all sheetfed presses with alcohol dampening system.

KrishnaSubstifix - AF - K.I.approved dampening additive for use on sheetfed off-set printing presses with alcohol dampening unites to print alcohol free. If alcohol is used the concentration should not exceed 5%

Krishnadrofix - SF - K.I.approved dampening additive suitable for all sheetfed presses with conventional and alcolour dampening system.

Krishnadrofix B - K.I.approved dampening solutions for U.V. curing ink systems and sheetfed offset for printing on non absorbent substrates.

Krishnadrofix Z - K.I.approved fount solution additives for use on web off-set coldset printing presses with non contact dampening systems.

Krishnadufix AF - K.I.approved fount concentrate for Isopropenol-free printing in web offset heatset.

Krishnadufix R - K.I.approved fount solution additive for heatset web offset for reducing the alcohol concentration.

Krishnalinofix - K.I.approved hardening agent for demineralized water.

K.I. Direct - Fluid - K.I.approved fount solution additives for small format sheetfed off-set suitable for aluminium as well as polyester and paper plates

K.I. System cleaner - Cleaning concentrate for dampening system.
Washes & Cleaners
Our press washes and cleaners are optimized to achieve best cleaning of blankets, rollers, plates and machine parts ensuring not only improved quality reproduction, but also long life for plates, rollers and blankets. Products have been developed to comply with the issues of safety, flammability, environmental regulations, equipment compatibility, drying speed, cleaning power and customer preferences.

Roller Wash and Blanket Wash Keeping healthier environment with low VOC contents, washes include range of low odour/odourless emulsion washes, solvent and vegetable oil based washes for automatic washing devices or manual cleaning with excellent solvency power having different flammability range and wide range of drying speeds. Care has been taken to rule out the possibility of skin irritation.

Plate Cleaner - Superior emulsion cleaning agent designed to remove ink scums and dirts from all types of plates and to restore plate completely.

Dampner Cleaner- Water misible solvent and vegetable oil based cleaner which cleans the dampner with a minimum of wiping and keeps the polymer rubber or cloth surface in prime condition.

U.V. Washes - Superior washes for blanket and rollers to remove U.V ink particles and all traces of oleophilic substrates and prevents glaze build up.
Additives & Auxiliaries
Printing additives and auxiliaries and know-how have one thing in common: normally, when everything runs as it's supposed to, you don't need them. Both of them are only needed when-for whatever reason - difficulties arise. In such cases, it has always been our conviction to stand by our customers - knowing fully well that in doing so, one can make a very good name for oneself as a supplier.

Our additive basket contain gum solutions Micro Nol, Anti set-off spray powder, Silicon emulsion, Antioxidants, rejuvenators and conditioners, hand cleaning gel etc.

Auxiliaries products available with us are liquid and paste driers, gel tack reducer, ink conditioner etc.

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