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Our Strength is that we can visit any African and Middle East Countries. We also welcome your respected goodselves to visit our factories in India and shall show you our Machine running successfully in Pepsi, Coke and other Indian leading brand.

K.I. is the key player in supplying bottling plants, spare parts of soft drink, Packaged drinking water (Mineral Water Plant) all kinds of beverage and food processing industries. Our products are durable and best in quality & cost effective. We have a Team of Highly Qualified and Experienced Food Technologists supervising Production. We can provide you with machines but more important we shall give you good Technical Engineers to run the factory successfully hence giving good profits.

Our products are best to fill carbonated or non-carbonated beverages, liquors, wine etc. into bottles irrespective of sizes & shapes.

We have excellent relations with Pepsi and Coke and shall also arrange to see their Factories where you shall see our Group Machines running for more than 2 or 3 decades. The Bottling Line shall have Rinser which cleans the bottles then Filler which fills the Soft Drink and then the Capper. This is Fully Automatic Machine.

In separate room it shall need various Stainless Steel Tanks where you shall have to prepare the Soft Drink Syrups and also mix it with the sugar. 

More important we shall take you to our manufacturing sites where we produce highly Concentrate Flavors. From these flavors you can produce up to 680 liters of finished products like Coke, Lemonade, Orange, Mix Fruit, Raspberry, Strawberry, Pineapple, Rose etc. Here we shall make you taste Coke of 5 different tastes likewise all the other flavors can be tasted and you can choose which taste could be approved and liked by the people of your country. These flavors shall be provided at VERY VERY GOOD PRICE so the consumables brought at low price shall bring GOOD PROFIT TO YOUR RESPECTED ORGANIZATION.

We can provide you with complete solution for Water Treatment, Mineral Water, Bottled Water, Soft Drinks and Sparkling Water Projects and also Pet Stretch Blow Moulding Machine of European quality on Turnkey Projects Basis. We are capable to erect total Soft drink bottle lines, Breweries, Mineral water lines & other turnkey projects as per clients requirements. We have done this in several African Countries.

Our Bottling machines are suitable in Plants for Soft Drinks, Synthetic and Natural Juice Plants, Beverages, Alcoholic Drinks, Breweries, Packaged Drinking Water or Mineral Water.  The range includes:
• Rinser
• Filler
• Capper
• Mixomatic / Premix
• Bottle Washer
• Tank (M.S & S.S)
• Conveyor Chain (M.S. & S.S)

We also believe in value added service. To smooth the manufacturing process, we provide a range of value added services whenever required by our client. These services include:
• Servicing of machinery
• Erection of plants
• Plant setup
• Recondition Plant
• Overhauling
• Providing technical support
• Commissioning and production assistance
• Consultancy


Spare Parts
We are at the forefront among the suppliers of spare parts & components for various Soft Drinks, Synthetic and Natural Juice Plants, Beverages, Alcoholic Drinks, Breweries, Packaged Drinking Water or Mineral Water. The product list includes fillers, cappers, labelers, bottle washers, carbonation system & syrup room devices of all types of plastic machinery for all leading brands. Nylon & rubber spares are also supplied here.
CAPACITY 120 /240/400/600 BPM for GLASS and PET bottle
• Bottle Washer having Two / three / four compartment
• Filler/ Capper/Crowner MONO-BLOC for Glass Bottles
• Caser / Uncases of three / four /six heads
• Cooling or Warming Tunnel,
• Hot Melt Wrap Around Labeler / Sticker Labeler
• Conveyors for bottle and crates.

Filler for Pet Bottle
Soft Drinks –Beer-Aerated Water /Juice



60 BPM


120 BPM


240 BPM


400 BPM


500 BPM


600 BPM

Filler for Pet Bottle
Soft Drinks –Beer-Aerated Water /Juice



30/22      BPM


50/40      BPM


120/95    BPM


140/110  BPM


240/200  BPM


300/220  BPM


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