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» Snacks & Potato Chips Processing Line
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Our technically accurate range of machines includes technically improved potato chips & kurkure production line, batch & continuous fryers for Namkeen & chips, Namkeen & sweets processing machines that have been widely recognized for their long life.

In order to fulfill requirements of this industry, we undertake customization works for the entire range of our food processing machines so as to meet industrial needs of our customers. This is done by our team of food technologists who understand the needs of clients in terms of design and other technical specifications such as Capacity, Material, Heating Option, Dimensions, and Type of Fuel

Our systems are predominantly made up of Stainless Steel; however, we offer expertise in variety of corrosion resistant materials as well.

Providing high quality solutions and equipment to food processing industry, we cater our equipment and services for the following processes:

• Vegetables Processing
• Snack Food Processing
• Namkeen Processing
• Ready to Eat
• Sweets
• Slicing
• Water removal
• Frying
• Heating
» Fully Automatic Potato Chip Line

We offer Fully Automatic Potato Chip Line, carries out the process of peeling, slicing, water removal & frying with peeler, slicer, hydro, frying system and panel. Adopting the indigenous technology, we offer this machine with a production capacity of 100 and 200 Kg/Hr onwards. The unique attributes of our machine are:

• Stumpy fuel consumption
• Low edible oil take up
• Less manpower required
• Improved productivity
• Hygienic and safe to use
Processing System Potato Chips Line
• Feeding Elevator
• Potato Size Grader
• De-Stoner
• Peeler
• Inspection conveyor
• Slicer
• Slice Washer Cum Blender
• Elevator
• Dehydrator
• High Speed Belt
• De Oiling Belt
• Flavor Tumbler And Applicator
• Control Panel

» Fully Automatic Kurkure Production Line

We provide Fully Automatic Kurkure Production Line which is equipped with grit mixer, kurkure extruder, vibratory feeder, fryer, de oiling and flavoring instruments with in. These instruments help our machine to achieve a production capacity of 100 kg/hr & 200Kg/hr. the unique features of our equipment are:

• Constant production
• High quality kurkure
• Low oil pick up
• Least space required

» Continuous Frying Systems

Holding expertise in manufacturing food processing equipment, we fabricate a unique range of Continuous Frying Systems that are highly efficient. Producing chips of different types such as plain, ruffles, strip cut and 'V' cut potato sticks, Namkeen, Kurkure and pellets ,these are known for proven technology, better oil management, less oil in the system and thus yield reliable operation for many years.

Continuous Namkeen Fryer
Basic Fryer made of SS 304 with unique lifting arrangement of conveying system, direct & indirect heating with Ecoflam Burner. Fitted with two and three conveyors having SS mesh type belt for frying to submerse. Fryer Kettle is fully insulated with ceramic wool. Fryer is supplied with electronic control panel having automatic temperature control System.
• Gear pump with pipeline.
• The fryer is supplied with filtration system.
• Production Capacity- 200,300,400 and 500 Kg/Hr.

Continuous Potato Chips Fryer   

The Fully Automatic Potato Chips Fryer (100 Kg/hr & 200 Kg/hr) includes heat exchanger, bucket feeder, fryer, filtration system, control panel, oil cooling system and unique lifting arrangement of conveying system for better cleaning. Fryer is of dip frying & multi inlet type with combination of paddles & submerge belt. The fryer is designed to have low oil holding capacity in order to achieve low oil turnover ratio.
• Production Capacity: 100 Kg/Hr & 200 kg/hr
• Fuel Consumption: 28 Ltr (Diesel)/Hr for 100 kg per hour fryer
• Oil Holding Capacity: 300 Ltr for 100 kg per hour fryer.

Continuous Kurkure Fryer

The Kurkure & Pellet Continuous Fryer is of dip frying with combination of submerge & take off belt. The frying system include Vibratory feeder, fryer, bucket type filter system, oil cooling system and unique lifting arrangement for conveying system for better cleaning. There are various heating option like electric, diesel & gas. There is total command on frying temperature & time, fully automatic & low energy consumption. Available in different production capacities like 100,200,300 and 500 kg per hour.

» Batch Frying System

We provide a suitable Machine for continuous mixing or stir fry cooking of foods such as snacks. Frying adds a unique taste to the food product while the use of no cooking oil (at least very little) minimizes the amount of fat in the diet. By quickly frying snack products on a very high temperature heated surface, the enzymes are killed which increases shelf life, while the vegetable product maintains a crisp, fresh texture. Our batch frying system are highly efficient as a certain volume of food product is loaded into a frying vessel and stirred for a predetermined time period and then removed and as quickly as possible thereafter the next batch is loaded.

Joint Banana Chip Fryer   

We offer Joint Banana Chip Fryer which is a combination of two circular fryers with joint tilting system of different sizes. High production capacity and low fuel consumption is achieved by single burner working for two fryers where in the flue gas of first fryer act as a heating source of second fryer. Installing Ecoflam Burner in accordance with European safety measurements & implementing auto ignition we make these safe to use. Facilitated with automatic temperature controlling, we provide a better quality product to our clients and assure considerably improved hygiene and working environment in the unit or plant.

Circular Fryer

This circular fryer has the added cushions of insulation and refractory lining. These enhancements mean that the manufacturing process becomes far more economical, environment friendly. This system is ideally suited for all kinds of Namkeen and Maida based products. This system is available in different sizes depending upon the production capacity and type of fuel used.

Scope of supply :- SS 304 circular fryer, ecoflam burner and control panel, SS Pan and Chimney up to 6 ft

Detail of Circular type Gas and oil fired Batch Fryer


Pan Dia (inches)

Type Of Extruder





Hand Driven

Nylon Sev, Garlic Sev, Potato Strips

25 to 35 kg/hr



Motor Driven

Papdi, All types or Gathiya & Sev

40 to 60 kg/hr


42 & 48


Chana & Mung Dal Coated Peanuts

50 to 70 kg / hr




Potato Wafer

45 to 50 kg / hr

Rectangular Fryer   

The Rectangular Fryer is a product in the intermediate range between the circular and continuous fryers. This fryer has been conceptualized on the need for semi – automation without increasing the capacity of edible oil in manufacturing. The unique feature of this fryer is its titling system that enables unloading of products in a single stroke after frying.

This fryer is best suited for low bulk density product such as corn flakes, rice flakes, pellets, kurkure etc. It can also be used for all kinds of Wafers and Namkeen.

Circular Batch Fryer With Tilting System

This circular fryer with Tilting System (The system comes with a tilting arrangement that enables unloading of products in a single stroke after frying) has the added cushions of insulation and refractory lining. These enhancements mean that the manufacturing process becomes far more economical, environment friendly. This system is ideally suited for Potato Chips, Banana Chips and other low bulk density products like pellets & kurkure. This system is available in different sizes depending upon the production capacity and type of fuel used.

» Food Processing Extruders

We offer typical extruder that consists of a power supply to operate the main screw, a feeder to meter in the raw ingredients and a barrel, which surrounds the screw. The screw conveys the raw material through a shaped hole, the die that shapes the product. Extrusion can take place under high temperatures and pressures or can be simply a non-cooking, forming process.

One of the potential benefits of using extrusion in food production is to help preserve food products. Extrusion can be used to control the water activity of ingredients, which in turn determines microbial growth and hence, spoilage. It is therefore useful in producing, shelf stable foods and increasingly important in producing a variety of things like some snack foods, certain breakfast cereals and types of confectionery.

Cheese Ball Extruder

We offer a precision engineered equipment or food processing industry such as cheese ball extruder, which is widely in demand. Fitted with oil immersed bearing housing, complete set of screw, barrel and dies, fully wired control panel with main switch, starter, ammeter and voltmeter, our cheese ball extruder is available with following
• Production capacity of 120/150 kg per hour
• 30 H.P. motor for extrusion unit
• 1 H.P. variable speed D.C. motor for automatic cutter
• 1 H.P. variable speed D.C. motor for raw material feeding

Kurkure Extruder

Developing and designing equipment in accordance with international quality standards, we fabricate kurkure extruder where in we carry the process of gelatinization in a concentric cavity between two dye, one rotary with 3 blades (fingers) plus grooves, and the other one with grooves only.

The action of these blades on the rotating head creates the necessary condition of pressure and heat to achieve gelatinization of the raw material. Product is expanded and formed in a narrow gap between the two plates.

Blades affixed to a circular knife support ring mounted on the outer edge of the rotor cuts to the desired size. Constructed with painted mild steel, 2" tubular frame, mild steel painted belt guard, stainless steel hopper, stainless steel guard at product discharge and painted castings, our product exhibits following features and applications:

• Easy metered flow of raw material enabled because of gravity food hopper
• Speed control of feed screw via VFD
• Manual head gap controlled by mechanical ratchet
• Table slides back via hand crank for easy access to extruder component
• Production Capacity 70 Kg/Hr
• Motor Feed Screw 5 HP with VFD
• Main Drive Motor 15 HP
• Dimensions 7 x 2 x 7 Ft

Sev Extruder
Especially designed for preparing Sev, Gathiya, Papdi, Ratlami Sev etc. Our Sev Extruder is equipped with different sieves. Available in stainless steel as well as in mild steel, this machine is fitted over a fry pan and possess following specifications:

• Electric Motor 1 HP
• Capacity 90 Kg/hr

» Namkeen Processing Machines

We present to our customers a wide range of namkeen machines that are capable of making different kinds of namkeen. These are equipped with a fryer that is operated automatically. We offer our namkeen machine in different models with varied capacities.

Dough Mixture   

We specialize in designing and developing dough mixtures that are at par with international technology. Our dough mixtures are highly efficient and find usage at household as well as industrial levels owing to following specifications:

• Driven with an electric motor of 1HP/3 phase motor
• Fabricated using SS-304
• Production capacity of 20 kgs
• Dimensions of 4.5 x 2.5 x 3.5

Namkeen Mixer   

We offer precisely designed namkeen mixer for easy churning of snacks with in a limited time as well as mix all the ingredients in a uniform manner. The specifications of our mixer are:

• All Contact parts will be SS 304
• 2 HP 3phase electric motor

Dal Washer

Fabricated using solid and superior quality of SS, our Dal Washer is manufactured following adequate measures to maintain hygiene of the machineries. The specifications of our precision engineered are:

• Capacity 100 Kg to 200 kg
• Heavy Duty Body

Coating Pan

For easy mixing and heating Kurkure, Cheese Ball, Ground Nut Masala Mixture and all kinds of pellets we offer coating pan, which possesses following specifications:

• Capacity 1 GONI TO 6 GONI
• Mixing & heating with hot air arrangement

Belt Conveyors

For easy carriage of material, we offer conveyors with processing belts that are fabricated with high carbon, alloy steels and SS wires. Not requiring intricate installations, these are spirally designed and allow best circulation and drainage. These belts are also used for processing material where heat is involved.

• Available with an elevated temperature of up to 210 degree centigrate
• Used for processing materials through steam, water or any other liquid

Besan Coating And Mixing Machine

Offering a unique range of besan coating and mixing machine, we fabricate besan coating and mixing machine, which is available in different models on the basis of fuel production and capacity. These can be driven with single and three phase motor.

» Chips Processing Machine

Our potato chips making machines are compact, versatile & easy to use. These efficiently carry out the process of peeling, slicing & dehydrating the potatoes which are then ready to fry. Easy to install, our range of chips processing machine have been widely demanded by our clients in the worldwide market

Potato Peeler   

We manufacture durable potato peeler which is designed aesthetically and is used to peel the skin of potatoes in faster way. Our potato peeler leads to minimum peel loss and for better peeling, we advice spraying water over the potato. Peel waste is carried away with this water and flows to drain. The technical specifications of our peelers are:
• Dimensions 2.5 x 1.25 x 2 Ft
• Motor 0.5 HP, 3 Phase
• RPM 1440
• Weight 50 Kg. approx.

Potato Slicer

We offer hand press type potato slicer, which can produce plain, ruffles and potato sticks. With a provision of continuous water supply, our machine avoids the deposition of broken pieces in the dye.
• with three sets of slicing dies, plane, ruffles, stick etc
• Motor 0.5 HP
• Weight 65 Kg. approx.

Banana Slicer

We also provide banana slicer that is widely in demand in the international market. These are extremely safe to use avoiding fear of heat, steam or blade while frying. Specifications of our product are:
• Capacity 200 to 300 Kg/Hr
• Motor 1 HP single/three phase

Water Drying Equipment

We provide precision engineered water drying equipment with S.S. 304, which is equipment that removes excess surface water from the slices and separates them prior to frying.
• Dimensions 28 x 18 Inches
• Motor 0.5 HP, 3 Phase
• RPM 1440
• Weight 65 Kg. approx.

Batch Type Chips Flavoring Machine

We provide batch type chips flavoring machine with stainless steel, which is food processing equipment used for adding various spices to fried chips in batches. This technically accurate machine is easy to install and requires less maintenance.

Continuous Flavor Tumbler

We provide Continuous Flavor Tumbler, which is a rotary horizontal drum blending the fried products and flavor together so that the flavor is evenly coated as for as practically possible. Degree of inclination is adjusted while fabricating the drum. Constructed with SS 304, the drum is provided with inwardly projecting product lifters.

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