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» Concrete Block Making Machines
The frame consists of stable, compact welded box construction made out of steel channel or square pipe with sufficient wall thickness. The guide pillar for mould and compactors head are solid steel shaft made out of alloy steel material.

The guide bearing for mould and ram are of phosphor brose material and extra long in order to ensure perfect guiding. The filling box is freely suspended in a special guiding device. Due to this fact, wear on mould and filling device is reduced. The filling box is moved by double acting hydraulic cylinder. Above the filling box big storage hopper is attached. The filling box table, filling box systems and storage hopper are connected to gather so that changing of another mould corresponding height is balanced quickly with less effort. Machine equipped with hydraulic actuated pallet feed with collapsible catch to push forward the pallet on the vibrate table. The seat of mould head is equipped with synchronized connecting rod so that both sides of two end of mould is up and down synchronously and reduce the ware between sleeves and columns.
Vibration :

A piece all steel table is carried on rubber metal buffers with two special vibrators which are mounted at the bottom of table. Vibrator is run by two motor of reputed make.
Hydraulic System :

Pumps, cylinder, solenoid valves, pressure control valves as well as other hydraulic parts are well tried trade marked components. Hydraulic pumps are gear type from DYNAMIC HYDRAULICS or BOSH, solenoid valves are ATOS or REXROTH. Electrical motor will be of reputed make. Hydraulic capacity will be 150 to 400 liters shell and tube cooler will be mounted on the tank.

The hydraulic power pack is provided with necessary solenoid operated valves, flow and pressure control valves, which can be set to the desired options depending upon the product to be manufactured.
Pallet Feeding :

Pallets are stored in a pallet magazine and fed in to the machine one by one through hydraulically operated positioning mechanism. The same mechanisms shift the pallet with a green block into the block receiving conveyors.
Face Mixing Unit :

The face mix unit is an option part of the basic machine. The unit comprises of manually/auto operated feeding car, its support table and rail. Feeding car is provided with wheels to freely move on the rails. Material in the car is filled manually.
Electrical System :

440 Volts electrical control panel to control entire operation by push button switches. All relays and contactors are reputed make like SEIMENS etc. PLC is used to run in automatic, limiting and positioning movement of the various motion is achieved through the proximity switches.
Block Receiving Conveyour :

Lengths approximately 5 meter. Designed as belt convey our, frequently controlled for the transport of green block from block machine to the pallet stacker.
Cleaning Brush :

Provided with rotating brush with pp material. Drive via 0.5 HP motor to sweep off the brushes on the green block. Brush body is in total exchangeable.
Sketch of Production Line
1. Pallet Hopper

2. Pallet Feeder

3. Block Making Machine

4. Green Block Conveyor

5. Auto Stacking Cart

6. Product Stacking Rack

Specification for Stationary Type Machine :

Description Economy
60 X 50
70 X 50
100 X 50
100 X 90
120 X 90
Product Ht 50 to 300 mm 50 to 300 mm 50 to 300 mm 50 to 300 mm 50 to 300 mm
Mould Area 480 x 400 mm 670 x 510 mm 1070 x 570 mm 810 x 840 mm 1170 x 870mm
Pallet Size 510 x 430 mm 700 x 540 mm 1050 x 540 mm 915 x 900 mm 1200 x 900mm
No. of Block
per Strocke
200 X 200 X 400 mm
2 3 4 6 8
Production Cycle 30 sec 20 sec 20 sec 15 sec 15 sec
Hydraulic Power 5 hp 5 hp 10 hp 10 hp 15 hp
Total Ele.Power 10 hp 15 hp 20 hp 24 hp 30 hp
200 X 200 X 400mm
Unipaver Flyash Brick
200 blocks
720 No
720 No
460 blocks
1800 No
1800 No
720 blocks
2520 No
2520 No
1440 blocks
4800 No
4800 No
1920 blocks
5760 No
5760 No
Mould Table Vibrater 2 hp x 2 3 hp x 2 3 hp x 2 5 hp x 2 5 hp x 2
Hydraulic Pressure 200 bar 200 bar 200 bar 200 bar 200 bar
Pallet Type & Thickness Steel 6 mm
Flywood 20 mm
Steel 8 mm
Flywood 25 mm
Steel 10 mm
Flywood 25 /30 mm
Steel 10 mm
Flywood 40 mm
Steel 10 mm
Flywood 40 mm
Hopper Capacity 500 lit 600 lit 1200 lit 1500 lit 1500 lit
Ramvibrator Nil Option 2 Hp x 2 2 Hp x 2 2 Hp x 2
Oil Capacity 150 Lit. 150 Lit. 200 Lit. 400 Lit. 400 Lit.
Mixer Capacity / per hour 140 CFT 1220 CFT 400 CFT 500 CFT 600 CFT
Overall Diemention
9 X 1.5 X 2.2 10 X 1.8 X 2.2 10 X 1.8 X 2.2 11.0 X 2 X 2.2 11.0 X 2.0 X 2.2
Weight 5.000 KG 7000 KG 7000 KG 9000 KG 9000 KG

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