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» Tomato Paste Machine

Tomato Processing Line

We can Supply the turnkey Project for Tomato Processing Line to get the finish product as Tomato Juice, Tomato Puree, Tomato Paste, Tomato Ketchup and Sauce. These plants are provided with a series of assembly line machines for blanching, pulping, processing of tomatoes for their puree and their final treatment for making ketchups. These plants are designed in accordance with the latest technology to suit the industry specific demands of our clients. We can give you Manual Tomato Puree/Ketchup Plant & also of any size production for fully automatic tomato ketchup plant. The Finish Product can be packed in cans, Bottles, Pouches.
» Hot Break System for Ketchup Plants

Our tomato ketchup plants encompass a hot break system that is used for preheating tomatoes or guavas prior to the juice extraction.

These systems operate on the following principle:
Raw tomatoes / guavas are washed and crushed in the mill
The crush gets collected in the bottom tank
The crush is circulated through the heat exchanger for preheating up to required temperature
Using steam as the heating media, the heat exchanger heats the crush.
After achieving the required temperature, the crush is discharged to the pulper for juice extraction

These hot break systems help in the following:

Deactivation of enzymes that are likely to be generated
Getting good color and maximum recovery of the pulp
Ensures better quality without any contamination

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